Supporting our local community since 1969

Since being established over 50 years ago, Roses has played an integral part in supporting Frankton and the wider Hamilton community.

Roses has been an integral part of Frankton since being established in 1969, and we understand the crucial role we have to play in ensuring our community is happy, healthy, safe and nurtured.

We benefit from the custom of many of our locals and it’s important that we acknowledge that. There are several actions we take to ensure that we give back to our community and we are very enthusiastic about supporting in any way we can.

Our commitment to safety

We work a lot with children and their families and take that responsibility seriously.

Each year we engage with Child Matters to train our staff in recognising and responding to potential issues of child maltreatment. As health professionals we have an obligation to ensure that we are always looking out for the wellbeing of all who we come into contact with. We applaud Child Matters for what they do, another Hamilton-based organisation that makes positive impacts all over NZ. Check them out here.

All of our staff are also police vetted to ensure the safety of all our clients. Our optometrists also undertake first aid training so we will always have someone on hand in case of a medical emergency.

Keeping the community healthy

We’ve also enjoyed supporting Hamilton Girls’ High School endeavours in both rowing and netball. We have sponsored Maadi Cup rowers and this year we partnered with the Premier Netball team who won the National Premiership. This is such an amazing achievement and we are delighted with what the girls have achieved.

Spreading inclusivity and awareness

With ever-growing awareness of diversity in our communities, we also felt it was appropriate to engage with Rainbow Awareness training. This gave us an insight into many facets of the rainbow community, their challenges and what we can do to ensure that we are supporters of the community who treat all members with respect and acceptance.

See things the Rose way

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