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Pregnancy and your eyes: what to expect

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Pregnancy brings incredible changes to your body, and your eyes are no exception. Here's a simple guide to the eye changes you might experience during this special time.

1. Hormones and vision

Pregnancy hormones can affect your eyes. You might notice your glasses or contacts don't quite work, or your vision seems different. This is usually temporary, so don't worry too much.

2. Dry eyes

Hormones can also make your eyes feel dry, itchy, or irritated. To ease the discomfort, use eye drops or artificial tears.

3. Swelling and eye pressure

Your body retains more fluid during pregnancy, which can make your eyes puffy and sometimes increase eye pressure. If your vision changes or you experience eye pain, see a doctor right away, as it could be a sign of a serious condition like glaucoma.

4. Preeclampsia and vision

Preeclampsia, a condition that can happen during pregnancy, can affect your eyes. Watch out for blurry vision, seeing spots or flashes, and light sensitivity. If you notice these symptoms, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

5. Gestational diabetes and your eyes

If you develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, it can impact your eyes. Regularly check your blood sugar levels and have your eyes examined, as it could lead to vision problems.

In a nutshell, while pregnancy brings many changes, including to your eyes, most of these changes are temporary and nothing to be overly concerned about. Just make sure to keep an eye on your eye health, especially if you notice any unusual symptoms, and consult your healthcare provider for guidance. Enjoy this special time while taking care of yourself and your growing family.

Peter Walker
Partner Optometrist
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