Eye Health

Should I get an eye examination?

The answer is yes – even if you haven’t noticed visual deterioration, it is imperative that the health of your eye is examined.

Many eye conditions can be dealt with effectively if they are diagnosed early, reducing the risk of future harm. Optometrists typically recommend an eye examination at least every two years.

Visual deterioration can occur so gradually you may not be aware of decline and that you would benefit from correction (typically contact lenses or spectacles). In the exam your optometrist will demonstrate what correction could achieve for your vision.

Reduce the risk of future harm through early diagnosis.

Stay on top of your eye health with exams every two years.

Find out what correction could achieve for you and your vision.

What can you expect?

On arrival you will be greeted by our customer service team and taken through for a few quick tests before you see the optometrist.

Following this the optometrist will complete a comprehensive examination which includes:

  1. A discussion of any symptoms, challenges or concerns you have about your eyes.
  2. Vision testing and calculation of prescription including assessment of how the eyes work together.
  3. Detailed examination of the front and back of the eyes, looking for signs of eye conditions or diseases.
  4. Summary of findings which includes corrective options and recommendations. If any further testing is required the optometrist will discuss this.

Should new glasses be required you will be introduced to our experienced dispensing team. Our dispensers are experts in frame fitting. They will help you not only look great but also discuss the best lens options so you can see fantastically too.  

All our products are backed by great warranties, and we pride ourselves on customer service – before, during and after your visit. We offer free spectacle servicing, and our technician Arthur is a magician at repairs.

When your next visit is due, we will remind you as we know how busy you are!

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